Edison 3528 6000K 0.06W SMD led 1000pcs (2T03Y6CW11000001)

Brand : Edison
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PLCC Series 3528 0.06W Series

Ultra high luminous e" cacy, combined with the $ exibility in design due to its slim and miniature size. PLCC LED Series are optimized to be used as lighting for building.


Descriptions :

■ Best luminous and color uniformity

■ Enables halogen and CDM replacement
■ The article itself presents the actual color


Feature and Benefits :

■ High luminous Intensity and high efficiency

 Based on Blue: InGaN technology
 Wide viewing angle : 120°
 Excellent performance and visibility
 Suitable for all SMT assembly methods
■ IR reflow process compatible
■ Environmental friendly; RoHS compliance